2017 July 22

Apple Market Center Boston, 28 State Street.
Apple Market Center Boston, 28 State Street circa 2001.

The point of the red arrow is where I was standing when I shot the scenes at the beginning of the video on this page if I have counted the floors correctly.

From what I can tell Apple occupied one quarter of the ninth floor of this building in the early 2000’s. I attended many classes and workshops here. Among them was a workshop on Flash. I despised Flash from the first time I saw it because it would take, seemingly, fifteen minutes to load and then often it was only a few balls rolling across the screen. Later we knew there was the “magic cookie” and the “self heal” folder. If you found and deleted the magic cookie it was be instantly replaced because the self heal thing was a duplicate and was always watching to fill in the magic cookie. This contained Adobe’s tracking mechanism as well as the creator’s tracking information. This would later be used for all kinds of devious tracking information. Adobe had decided years earlier to get into the tracking business and it was relentless. If you deleted the magic cookie folder entirely, it would appear elsewhere. When Steve Jobs delivered his “Thoughts on Flash” he was being kind.

Flash had become popular by the early 2000’s. I attended the workshop to see what the attraction was about. Throughout the day, as features were presented, I kept thinking, “QuickTime can do that.” The one day workshop was a promotional day for a multi-day paid workshop. At the end of the day we were told that whoever raised their hand first with the correct answer to “what does ‘swf’ stand for” would win a pass to the rest of the workshop. I knew – small web file – but I didn’t raise my hand.