2017 October 20

A Woman in the White House, A Mandrill on the Moon

from lyrics by K. D. Lang:

Some people are saying Trump won’t make it full term. The problem with that idea is that, if things go according to Standard Operating Procedure, the office of president would be filled by Mr. Penice [sic, I know]. That scenario would be even worse than what we have now, in a different way. No one would be surprised if we learned that, before the election, the two of them had made a deal to temporally split the office.

Mr. Penice wants to go to the moon. He probably thinks he will send someone else, but we should plan to send him as ambassador. First Monkey on the Moon. He can there and then bury the miscarriage of administration he was part of.

Who should be our next president? Only three years til the next election. Let’s be ready. Elizabeth Warren doesn’t seem to want to do it. Cher comes to mind first. She has her finger on the pulse of politics, but she’d be the first to tell you she is not an administrator. Cher for Press Secretary! Never have we had an honest individual in that position. Cher would change that. But who for President? Someone good. Someone who can win. Bette Midler. If she won’t do it, we (I) should resurrect Mona Rogers. Later.

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