2019 January 9

G. H. W. Bush Unburied

G. H. W. Bush, a “president who has such a contempt for honesty [and] arrogant disregard for the rule of law.” - Lawrence Walsh, Independent Counsel

G. H. W. Bush was not a nice guy. Let us begin by viewing this 28 second news clip from 1989*.

Old absent-minded Ronnie “if you’ve seen one tree, you’ve seen ’em all” Reagan may not have forgotten about the arms deal, he may not have known about it because the whole thing was orchestrated by his vice-president, G. H. W. Bush. And in later arms deals orchestrated by G. H. W. Bush do you think the ships came back empty? No they did not. Those ships (air carriers) came back with cocaine which of course led to the War on Drugs and the acceleration of prison building.

On December 24, 1992, he granted executive clemency to six former senior government officials implicated in the Iran-Contra scandal of the late 1980s, most prominently the former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger. Bush described Weinberger, who was scheduled to stand trial starting on January 5, 1993, for criminal charges related to Iran-Contra, as a “true American patriot”.

In addition to Weinberger, Bush pardoned Duane R. Clarridge, Clair E. George, who had been convicted to felonies in connection with the Iran-Conta scandal, Robert C. McFarlane, Elliott Abrams, and Alan Fiers, all of whom had been indicted and/or convicted of criminal charges by an Independent Counsel headed by Lawrence Walsh, who headed the investigation of Reagan Administration officials’ criminal conduct in the Iran-Conra scandal. In response to these Bush pardons, Lawrence Walsh stated that “the Iran-Contra cover-up, which has continued for more than six years, has now been completed.” Walsh noted that in issuing the pardons Bush may have been preempting being implicated himself in the crimes of Iran-Contra by evidence that was to come to light during the Weinberger trial, and noted that there was a pattern of “deception and obstruction” by Bush, Weinberger and other senior Reagan administration officials. - Wikipedia

The Intercept published a series of articles about Bush’s political career:

The Village Voice published a recap on the csreer of G. H. W. Bush:

Don’t Cry For Him, Argentina: goodbye to the Lesser of Two Evils

In all that these stories contain, there remain unmentioned factoids. This is enough to get you started. If you are curious, you can dig deeper into G. H. W. Bush’s history.

And now Trump will hire old Bush’s partners in crime, henchmen, and their former interns, underlings, and trainees.

There’s more. There’s the Bush criminal family spawn to deal with. But beside that there is a new film by Adam McKay called VICE about G. W. Bush’s vice-president, the once heartless Dick Cheney.

* Correction: The video is from 1989, not 1990.