Watch Apple Save the Banks

Banks. Banking industry. Banking as an institution. More than one hundred years old. I’ve considered the whole concept of banking would implode under the weight of its own inefficiencies and decaying practices. No head of state, no president or prime minister, nor any of their men or women, nor all of their trillions would be able to save them again when the time comes. Except Apple. As Tim Cook said, “We love this kind of problem. This is exactly what Apple does best.” And they did.

If banks had brains they would have figured out how to out-smart paypal years ago. But they didn’t. Apple has brains, and more than brains.

There was (maybe still is) a movement underfoot to make a “web payments standard”. Most of us are familiar with what happens to “standards”. Apple doesn’t need to make Apple Pay a standard. People will use it because they want to. And even if all the banks do eventually fail, Apple will be able to plug in whatever monetary trading method takes their place.

I don’t remember when I first heard that Apple was making a watch. I remember thinking, at first, that it was a hoax. Then there was news that Apple had registered “iwatch” as a domain name. I thought it was a decoy, something to keep the other companies busy making something they thought would be like what Apple would make. Whether that was the intention or not, that was certainly what occurred - things that most people have never heard of. But when Apple makes a watch it will be the coolest thing ever, I thought. And it is. There’s still a lot we don’t know about it, but we do know that it is beautiful and intelligently designed. I never thought I’d want to wear a watch again, but I’ve changed my mind. The name “Apple Watch” makes it even better, I think. The time of the “i” things began when the internet was still relatively new and just beginning to catch on with the masses. Masses of people were buying computers just to get on the internet. Many had no idea of what else to do with a computer. Today no one needs an i to remind them of the internet.

During the streaming of the 9914 event there were some interruptions due to a weak wifi signal. At the beginning I thought I should have gone somewhere where the wifi was usually better. It was too late for that. I reloaded the page a few times. At a point during the demo of the Apple Watch, when the Watch face said 11:24, I looked at the time on my computer and it was 24 after the hour. This amazed me and reminded me how far we’ve come since the days of watching the Apple Keynotes with QuickTime, streaming a two inch video over a telephone wire. After the Apple Stores opened I went there to watch the keynotes. I don’t know if you can do that anymore, they are so crowded.

During the Apple Watch presentation, two questions sprung to mind. Both have been answered. Would there be a left-handed version - any Apple Watch can be configured to work either way. Second, with all those watch faces, will there be a sundial version? I’ve heard that there is one, but I haven’t seen it. And, if there is a sundial Apple Watch face, will it interact in real time with clouds passing overhead? That is the question, yet to be answered - or developed.

Now the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. iPhone 6, size, I thought perfect. There are other considerations however. I don’t want an iPhone to use as a phone. I have little use for phone calls - another one hundred year old technology. This has nothing to do with the iPhone. I think of the iPhone as a tool. I want it for the camera, and the apps, and to make an app I’ve had in mind a while. And maybe I’ll change my mind about phone calls.

Around the turn of this century, 1999-2001, I told people that one day we would have a handheld device that we could watch movies on. I remember distinctly someone asking, “Why would you want that?” I was thinking of showing clips from Final Cut Pro (v. 1.25) that I was working on. Instead I took my little Apple Lombard computer to the street and showed little videos. I didn’t ask for their comments, I watched their eyes as they watched the video. That told me a lot. And they gave me their comments freely.

So, what do I want an iPhone for? One of the tools it contains is a camera, now better than ever. Plus, it’s a handheld movie viewer. And more.

One of the differences between the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is Image Stabilization and Optical Image Stabilization. I once had a camera that had 20x optical zoom and 100x digital zoom. I never used the digital zoom. I programmed the camera to not to use it. The stabilization in the new iPhones is a different thing. As I understand them: Image Stabilization in the iPhone 6 stabilizes the motion in your hand as you record an image; Optical Image Stabilization, or Cinematic Video Stabilization as Phil Schiller called it, in the iPhone 6 Plus stabilizes the motion in the image you’re recording. One assumes the iPhone 6 Plus has both. Now, coming from someone who before the 9914 event said he didn’t care much about the larger screen size(s) for the new iPhone, I want the bigger one. I want the iPhone 6 Plus.

Then there is the choice of exterior iPhone color. The silver and gold tone finishes are glamorous and the white front is nice. After long thought and looking over the images of the iPhones, I realized that the decision I had to make was not between the color of the iPhone, but the color of the front - black or white. Both have their own advantages. Designers, photographers, artists traditionally choose a neutral ground to work with or on. The black front becomes the one I’ll choose.

I want my first iPhone to be pure, untainted by any “carrier” b’sness. I want the iPhone to come without any ties or obligations. Can we do that? I’m working on finding out.