No SIM Card Installed - Alert

I had a theory about iOS updates

I had a theory about iOS updates. I still have the theory, but I am open to having my theory proven wrong. It goes like this: when Apple sends out an iOS update in the few weeks before a major iOS release, it exists for two reasons. The first reason is to prepare the device for the next upcoming major iOS release. The second is to add some little annoyance, to add or leave in some little bugs that will make you beg for the release and install of the new OS. Thus when I saw the iOS 9.4 update, I said to myself, no, no way I am going to do that. Everything was fine.

Later in August I happened to read a post by one of the common Apple bloggers, one of the ones who get paid to blog so sometimes they read like fillers and are easy to skim over. But this one announced a serious hackery thing and a iOS 9.5 update. It happened just before the holiday weekend and I thought, well maybe I’ll do this. Just in case.

I did the update to iOS 9.5 and woke up the next day to “No SIM Card Installed”. After a couple of restarts the alert went away.

A couple of days after that, it came back and restarting did not make it go away. I waited for iOS 10 and installed that. The “No SIM Card Installed” issue continued, and happened more frequently.

I went to a wifi place and looked on Apple’s website to see what I could find about the issue. It was’t hard to find, it’s listed right there with the other issues people run into. I copied the instructions, went home to execute them on the iPhone. Part one, worked. Then it happened again. Performed the operations again and added part two, which is to remove and reinsert the SIM card tray. Worked. Then it happened again, and again. I initiated a chat with Apple support which ended with an appointment at an Apple Store.

Following the chat there was a series of “No SIM”, “No Service”, and “4G” (where it usually says LTE). T-Mobile had a service outage. I read through hundreds of micro-posts about it. None of them mentioned the “No SIM Card Installed” issue though some of them mentioned the iOS 10 update and some mentioned iPhone 7.

[twitter]TMobileHelp … sorry to hear about ios10 issues, we have a fix please dm us for the info =)

[TMobile] said something about “if you’re calling about the iPhone 7 blah blah blah” and then hung up on me again

I was hanging out in Fort Worth, TX after catching the Rangers game and no data whatsoever between Fort Worth or [sic] Dallas… the drive seem eternal with no music

– two of these are from the website DSLReports, the middle one is from reddit; there were plenty more. You can see how TMobile tried to blame the outage on Apple’s release of iPhone 7. Then it became obvious that TMobile had timed the outage to the iPhone 7 release.

Today there is another iOS update: 10.0.2. I’ll do that. But there is no mention of the “No SIM Card Installed” situation.

Since then I did a search for “No SIM Card Installed” - I found mostly old entries for the issue, a few with newer phones, a couple with generic tips. Many state that the issue returns.

My theory - it’s on hold.