Remembering Steve Jobs 2017

Remembering Steve Jobs 2017 whose birthday is February 24. It’s like a Holy Day for Nerds.

From 1999 to 2002 I attended workshops at Apple’s Market Center in Boston whenever I could. During a break at one particular workshop I asked if I could open the blinds; the room was darkened because slides had been shown. At that time I carried a Canon GL-1 around with me nearly all the time. I shot a few seconds of video from the window. It was autumn. The following spring I shot a few more seconds from the same window. I didn’t have a specific idea for the video, but in early summer 2001 I edited it into a montage that is in the above video.

I edited the clips with Final Cut Pro 1.2.5 on a 1999 Apple laptop known as the Lombard. I witnessed Apple’s traveling presentation of Final Cut Pro in January 1999 and bought 1.0 as soon as it was available.

There’s a progression from Apple’s Market Center in downtown Boston across the Charles River over to Harvard Square. There’s a sliver of a clip of rowers on the river. This seems prophetic; the rowing twin brothers Winklevoss were among the assorted programmers who worked on Mark Zuckerberg’s Hot-Or-Not website, unbeknownst to me at the time. Also unbeknownst to me: Lisa Brennan Jobs was attending Harvard at the same time the video was being edited. It was finished in June 2001. The above video is more or less my version of a director’s cut and was created with Final Cut Pro 10.3.1 naturally.

I asked SIRI to identify the music in the video, but it doesn’t know. If you do recognize the piece, please let me know.

Apple has announced that the new campus-headquarters will be called Apple Park and the new theater Steve Jobs Theater.