Who Will Be the next U.S. President?

It’s that time, maybe it’s the first time, maybe it’s the last time, but it is time to think seriously about who the next U.S. president will be. I used to think it was ridiculous when people began discussing an election almost two years before, but this time is different. We have to find someone who is good and not only good, but someone who can win in 2020. I offer, for your consideration, someone in this 4 minute 29 second video:

In this video Bette Midler sounds like someone you’d want for president, right? “I want the big things, peace on earth, goodwill towards men, clean streets and lots of trees.” For me, this video is proof, evidence that Bette Midler would be a good choice for president. I met Bette Midler in a moment a long time ago. Bette Midler came out of one door and I came out of another door, just about simultaneously. Both of us surprised to see the other. There was no one else around. There was no make-up and her hair was covered, but I knew who she was and she knew I knew. Our eyes made contact. What could I do, ask for an autograph and betray her privacy should anyone else pass by? I have an innate respect for personal space. We silently acknowledged each other, I may have mouthed, “Hi” and we went on with our day. I am also loyal. I have not forgotten that moment of eye contact. I know I can trust Bette Midler under any circumstance.

Maybe Bette Midler won’t run for president in 2020. About that I cannot claim any knowledge. So I had a look at a list of individuals who have declared an interest in running for president. Most of these people we will never hear from again. Some we will hear from again. There’s Elizabeth Warren who has great ideas about reforming government. Were she president however, those ideas would go nowhere. American Government is beyond reforming. It is decrepit and corrupt. The way to fix it is to step outside of it, let it whither away, and build a new government.

Understand, not all government is corrupt. Listen in as members of Congress, Elizabeth Warren among them, grill Satan’s spokesperson1, Betsy Devos in the following audio:

Bernie Sanders has traction. If only he had been the nominee in 2016, but government runs on a schedule and it was Hillary’s scheduled train stop. All the polls said she would win. What were those polls based on? Whatever it was, it was worthless. I think Barak Obama should have stepped aside in 2012 and let Hillary have a turn. Things would be different now. And Barak Obama could run again if he thought he could improve on anything.

When I heard of Barak Obama’s First Brother’s resignation - who could blame him, he was treated like a butler - I wanted to apply for the position. I would have redefined the position. No more of this step-n-fetch-it business. No more riding around in a limosine with the windows rolled and the air-conditioning off. We’d have no time for that. I’d have Cher for First Sister. We would work round the clock and take turns napping on the purple sofa in the little room off the Oval Office. Together we would read everything that came across the president’s desk. We would make two stacks. The largest would be stamped “NO.” The other would be marked “Shows Potential.” The three of us would meet everyday in the Oval Office at four in the afternoon. I would have freshly brewed coffee, Cher would have whatever Cher likes, and Obama would have his Sam Adams or whatever. We would go over our findings and present the president with an Outline of what he would be expected to accomplish the next day - mainly explore items in the “Shows Potential” stack. The president would then retire and visit his children and his wife and go to sleep. He would wake refreshed and focussed with our Outline in hand.

I like Bernie Sanders. He once welcomed Alan Ginsberg to Burlington and that was nice. And maybe he will try again but can he win? I have read that he has turned his office into a miniature broadcasting studio and is posting the results - and here is the problem - on Facebook. Is he delusional? Does he think intelligent people see his videos on Facebook and that will help him win an election. Bernie needs to stand on his own two feet and get a server of his own. Does he think Facebook tells him the truth about his video views and clicks? Does he know that Facebook, or some branch of Facebook, perhaps outsourced, hires some of the poorest people in the world to click on things2? The whole idea is to keep users feeding the monster, keeping it alive; meanwhile no one really sees anything. Have you seen people using Facebook? In five seconds they might stream past a hundred things, and these are counted, Bernie, as views.

I would be wonderful and funny and full of cosmic energy.
"I would be wonderful and funny and full of cosmic energy." - Bette Midler

I admit that the quote is out of context, but don’t you wish for a president who can say those words. The words are from a memoir published in 1981, Bette Midler: A View From A Broad. There are some touching stories in that book.

Speaking of cosmic energy, there was another name on the list of potential presidential candidates that I recognized. Marianne Williamson. Also started at the Continental Baths. Scratch that. It might have been the East Village, or perhaps it was when she did some typing for a couple of professors in the psych department of Columbia University. Marianne would make a difference, but do enough people know who Marianne is these days? Here she is after a rainstorm, windswept and perhaps a little air-brushed:

Marianne Williamson, Every Tuesday in New York.
Marianne Williamson

Marianne started organizations. She also formed something called The Department of Peace.3 It was swiftly absorbed by the government itself and made to vanish. Marianne has published several books, some of which were published by Hay House. I met Louise Hay (founder of Hay House) at an event. After the event I sent Louise Hay a thank you note (snail mail). A few days later a box arrived. In the box was a gift from Louise: a case of fifty Hay House books.

Marianne Williamson is also known for producing many audio tapes, many hundreds I’m guessing. I have listened to a lot of them. Someone once asked what I thought of an online interview she participated it. As it happened, the internet connection dropped out a few seconds, maybe a minute into the interview. So I said that Marianne was like a sister and that I knew Marianne’s voice and I thought I knew what Marianne would say in that interview. I don’t know how serious Marianne is about running for president, but we didn’t think Trump was serious (I didn’t, I only wanted to ask if the riff between Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell was real or staged like tv wrestling) so anything can happen. Whatever happens, Marianne and I can always give lectures on Babette’s Feast.

We don’t care a whit what Donald Trump has to say about the state of the union. We know what the state of the union is. We are interested in what Stacey Abrams has to say about it.

My wish is that instead of running against another, we pick one Bette Midler, Cher, Marianne Williamson, Stacey Abrams, Bernie Sanders - and run with one another and produce a synergistic effect that benefits all.


  1. Satan is a fictional character popularized by Tammy Faye Baker and others (Dana Carvey, e.g.), generally the anti-hero or a label for an obstacle.  ↩

  2. At some point Facebook opened paid promotions to ordinary users. A man decided to give it a try. He reported his experience on a public website. I do not remember what his product was but he said he was able to choose categories of people who might be interested in his product. The promotion started and soon his bucket of clicks and views was used up. He had no sales, but he could examine the accounts of people who clicked on his promotion. He reported that they were nothing like the people-categories he selected before the promotion began. He wrote that most of them were in the Philipines, where his product was unobtainable.  ↩

  3. Correction, not vanished. Details in follow-up article.  ↩