Election 2020 - What was the State of the Union?

First I’ll clarify something from the first article on this topic. The Department of Peace did not vanish. There is a website for a Peace Alliance whose mission appears to be to create a department of peace, although all the signage and banners say peacebuilding. The goal of the website appears to be to get newsletter sign-ups and donations. I thought the Department of Peace_ concept did vanish because I recall Marianne being asked about it. She answered: “It’s out of my hands,” and briefly commented about who, what, how it happened. She is credited as a co-founder.

When a large tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound? Indeed it does. It is the sound of peace. No one was there to hear it and no one was hurt. No insurance claims were filed, which are the source of all unpeaceful things in the modern world.

The Peace Alliance is probably doing things the hard way. What they need to do is go into the forest, leave a (high quality) recorder on, retrieve it, and play the sound everywhere they go. There will be peace.

I had watched Stacey Abrams’ TED talk and so was interested to know what she had to say after the 2019 state of the union presidential event. When enough time had past that I thought I’d find the rebuttal speech online somewhere, I found Stacey Abrams’s website. Before I could access the site there was a pop-up telling me to go somewhere else - not a good sign. I ignored (x-clicked) the pop-up. I was looking for a reference, some version of the speech, it didn’t matter to me if it was text, audio, or video. I found a link in a block in the middle of the page to the video - and where? - on Facebook. In that moment Stacey Abrams lost 90% of her credibility.

The next day I hauled out an old radio. Might there be some clips from the rebuttal talks there? The only thing I found in reference to the state of the union was about a convoluted plan allowing parents of newborns to borrow against their social security during “family leave.” Who might benefit from that? Think about it. It would not benefit people who might need it most. I think human reproduction should be halted until Donald Trump is out of office and Betsy Devos - well, after the French Revolution such a people were beheaded. Instead of borrowing against social security, give out cards with the slogan: Stop the Spread of Ignorance - Use a Condom. There is insurance for “accidental death and dismemberment” why not insurance for accidental birth?

A lot Donald Trump cares about family leave. He told his own wife if she named the child Donald Junior she would have to take a taxi home from the hospital - presumably instead of a limo.

There’s more but it will have to wait for another update.