This Would Make A Nice Hood Ornament

A Nice Hood Ornament
This would make a nice hood ornament.

This would make a nice hood ornament, which is what I was going to do with it in 2007. I was only going to glue it on though and, after thinking it through – it might come loose and smash into the windshield, that kind of thing – I decided not to. So here it is.

Now almost a semi-reality, Apple Car. I don’t expect that the announcement is imminent, not at the upcoming September 9, 2015, Special Event, but one day it will make an excellent One More Thing. Even Apple Inc. waited three years before using the phrase. When I heard it said by Tim Cook in 2014 I knew it was going to be something important. He would not use the phrase lightly.

The phrase One More Thing belongs to the eminence of Steve Jobs who made it famous when announcing new products, services, and technologies at Apple. Soon it will be even more famous because an entity tried to patent it, and did.