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Privacy Policy

- No Analytics

- No Cookies

- No Tracking

- No Log files kept

You are free to come and go as you please. While you are here, you are safe.

In Europe, websites must declare more details regarding privacy such as this gem I ran across:

[email] stored on servers of Google, Inc., a US-based company. [although Google conducts some of its business on a little island in the Indian Ocean where the only government presence is the NSA.] Google, Inc. has bound itself to comply with the Safe Harbor Principles and, therefore, has obliged itself to comply with data protection principles similar to those governing within the EEA. However, according to its own policies, Google, Inc. may store Personal Information on servers of companies, or in countries, which do not guarantee for an adequate level of data protection. Based on this information, when sending a message to [omitted - any gmail address] you consent to the disclosure of the Personal Information contained therein to Google, Inc.

We do not use any Google mail services and will not knowingly send email to any google mail address. Furthermore, when in doubt about the destination of an email, we will not send it.

Regarding log files - all servers make log files of some kind. Unless there is a reason to look at them, they are deleted on a regular basis.

That is all for now. This Privacy Policy will change when change is needed.