Babette’s Feast follow up

A few days after I posted the Winter Solstice review of Babette’s Feast I ran across a link I thought was interesting. It was a page with a video of a man giving a talk at a conference. I clicked on it, but I didn’t watch the video until the next day, or maybe the day after that.

As I watched the video it seemed as though the speaker was summarizing the story of Babette’s Feast. By the end of the talk, I thought the man had just given us a modern day, thirty minute version of Babette’s Feast.

I thought you might like to see it when you have the time. The entire video is 33 minutes. The speaker was Mike Lee and the conference was “cmd r” which took place in the UK, October 2013.

When I decided I wanted to post the link to the conference page, I looked back at the blogs or sites I remembered visiting that day to see who posted it and give credit and thanks for the link. I did not find it right away. (Use browser history you say. Ha. I delete that everyday, sometimes more than once while browsing, keeping to help keep the computer free of clutter.) I did find the link again. It was Dasdom on app-dot-net.

Here is the link to my post about Babette’s Feast
A movie for the Winter Solstice